Why New Orleans Attractions Will Never Let You Down

jueves, agosto 04, 2022
The Big Easy is a vibrant place, filled with live music, raucous crowds, fine food, and fascinating history.

It’s a tourist’s dream, an area that takes time to experience fully given all there is to see and do.

As you check out New Orleans houses for sale, keep in mind these many local attractions and how they weave together to make the larger-than-life persona that is NOLA.
Why New Orleans Attractions Will Never Let You Down

You can walk everywhere.

One of the best things about New Orleans is that no matter where you’re headed, you can most likely get there on foot. There’s no need to worry about calling a cab when you can walk to your destination – and most likely get distracted by cool things to do along the way.

They showcase the area’s history.

In addition to the revelry in the atmosphere, there are also some heavy hitting historical sites to see.

The French Quarter is living history, an area established in 1718 that emits the tapestry of African, Spanish, and French cultures that created it even today despite all the hardships it has endured over the years.

Chalmette Battlefield commemorates significant wars in the nation’s history. The St. Louis Cathedral is the country’s oldest continuously operating cathedral that was built in the 1700s.

Out of the many cemeteries in the city, Lafayette Cemetery No. 1 is the most well-known, noted in Anne Rice’s Interview with the Vampire and home to many big names.

They keep things lively.

There are a plethora of live music venues in the city no matter what genre you’re looking for. The city is a trailblazer for the country’s musical landscape, specializing in jazz and blues.

Catch a show at Preservation Hall in the French Quarter, home to fantastic jazz acts since 1961.

Tipitina’s has hosted many acts from Lenny Kravitz to Tim McGraw since 1977, and the Maple Leaf Bar offers an eclectic mix of musicians that cover everything from zydeco to R&B.

And they also cater to the dead.

New Orleans is a great place to go if you’re a fan of the supernatural. Book one of many ghost tours to learn the lore of the land or visit one of the 42 cemeteries in the city.

Stay a night at either the Le Pavillon Hotel or Hotel Monteleone to experience paranormal activity.

You can also explore the rich voodoo culture of the area through Marie Laveu’s House of Voodoo, The Voodoo Bone Lady Shop, or HEX: Old World Witchery.

They get you out in nature.

One of the coolest things to do in New Orleans is to book a swamp tour to learn about the area’s flora and fauna.

You can paddle along Manchac Swamp’s calm waters with a tour guide, or hop aboard an air boat and let someone else drive as you explore the waterways of the city.

Woldenberg Riverfront Park lets you stroll along the water and Audubon Park is a popular spot to picnic.

How to determine if you are a good candidate for a loan

miércoles, julio 13, 2022
When looking for a loan we need to meet with certain conditions. Normally, people try their best to keep up with a good credit score and believe that is all they need, ignoring there are other crucial factors to fulfill in order to be eligible for one.

If you are in the search for an auto loan, a mortgage/refinancing loan or a personal loan, it’s very important to be aware of all the key elements that will enable you to get it without any problems. In this post I will break down for how to determine if you are a good candidate for a loan.

How to determine if you are a good candidate for a loan

¿Do you have a good credit score?

Of course, the credit score is going to be the most important aspect to keep in mind if we expect to get a loan since it will indicate if we are loan-worthy.

If our credit score is low, we need to accept the fact that the lender will find us to be a risky bet so, first things first:

Try to keep your credit score at 700 or higher to increase your chances. At 650 there is still the possibility to be eligible so, if you are still under these numbers try paying down your current debts to clean your score a little bit and check your credit reports for possible errors that might put you in a rough spot.

There’s also the possibility of getting a bad credit loan, even if your credit score is not optimal, the idea in these cases is to learn how to apply for those. In case this idea fits your circumstances, veteran trust worthy sites like creditloan.com will offer you with everything you need to understand and get the best out of bad loans.

¿How does your income and employment history look like?

This aspect is very important to keep in mind since lenders need to be sure your income is good enough to cover all the payments and you are solid rock in a year-round employ. Seasonal jobs and self-employed people will, most likely, have the harder time in getting their desirable loan

I any case, make sure you don’t ask more than you can cover. Consistency in every payment will be the most desirable thing for the lender but also consider: the shorter the period of the term, the better. Paying in less time will save you some money in interests and will make you easily eligible for a future loan.

¿Is your debt-to income ratio reasonable?

This element is fundamental. Ask yourself how much is left of your income after paying your current debts. If the answer doesn’t make you happy, it will not make happy a lender either.

For this reason, your capacity will be key in order to get the loan, this is why it would be wiser to have some savings to put the chances on your side, but these topics will be addressed later on this article.

¿Are you willing to accept a collateral for a secured loan?

Some loans involve a collateral, which is an agreement where you compromise to give something in return to the lender in case you can’t pay back.

Luckily, not every loan will require a collateral from you, but this is a good reason to make sure you fulfill all the previous elements.

Some people prefer to seek for help in this regard directly from government loans; this is also a valid option, just keep in mind that these ones will most likely require a collateral, which might not be ideal for everyone.

¿Are you in a good position in terms of liquid assets?

In occasions, lenders tend to be more flexible with loans if the borrower has savings or liquid assets that can easily be turned into cash. This assures them that you will be able to keep up with your payments even if a terrible situation turns up (losing a job, unexpected emergencies).

It would be a good idea to make sure having some savings before applying for a loan and to take extra cautions after in order to avoid the stress of being near to the payment date without being able to do it.


As stated in this post, being a good candidate for a loan takes more than just credit score. Yes, this point is key, but it is important to meet certain conditions in order not only to get it, but to be able to pay it down without pressure under our shoulders.

Remember considering your employment status and income as a big factor to get a loan; year-round jobs will be more desirable for the lender since it means consistency in payments and your income should meet the expectations of the amount you are trying to borrow.

Also, collateral and liquid assets will be key depending if you are looking for secured or unsecured loans so keep that in mind also.

5 Tips to successfully manage loans and debts

domingo, julio 10, 2022
There are times when we get financially challenged. It is not strange for anyone the need to handle an emergency or cover down an important payment and, it is precisely during moments like these, when short-term loan come up as a faster alternative to relieve certain burdens.

Of course, managing debts and loans can become a complete nightmare if we don’t have a plan to begin with, that’s why this post will offer you 5 tips to successfully manage loans and debts.

5 Tips to successfully manage loans and debts
Before presenting our best tips to manage your debt, let’s understand why it is important to stablish a strategy first:

· To avoid getting stressed out with your financial situation.
· To control every aspect of your debt.

Being in full control of your finances will allow you to effectively manage your income/spending without making extra sacrifices that will put pressure under your shoulders. Keep in mind these tips to stay financially stress free:

Stablish a budget and adjust monthly spends

Most of our financial struggles are caused by the lack of budgeting. The best way to organize your month successfully, is by dividing your expenses.

Essentials like food, services and loan payments should be on top. While you are stablishing your monthly budget, it’s not a bad idea to adjust and, if possible, cut unnecessary spendings like dinning out, streaming services, etc.

Keep in mind that, while you are trying to manage debts and loans, your ace card will be consistency, so spending those extra bucks in your pocket, believe it or not, could put you in a rough situation later on.

Be aware of previous debts and plan ahead all your payments

Almost done with a previous debt but you need a new loan? This is something you need to consider in order to keep in check all your payments. Understand your new loan terms to make it work with your previous one and make sure how much you will be paying every month and for how long.

Some lender services are quite rigid when it comes to providing help and are definitely not an option, especially during emergencies. It’s recommendable using a marketplace for lenders/borrowers for a more simple, flexible and accessible experience for both parts.

Try not to borrow more than you need

It sounds obvious, but sometimes a little voice in our heads tells us to get a bit more than we need “just in case”. Although the idea could appear with good intention in heart, it might to get us into trouble since it means to pay more interests than we originally planned to and, of course, it also means more time to pay what we owe, which is not ideal at all.

Start saving as much as you can

We never know when a new emergency can come so, every penny we get “left” that we didn’t expect shouldn’t be seen as an opportunity to spend in something we don’t really need. Instead, save little by little in a weekly basis if possible. It will surprise you how useful and lifesaver this simple practice can turn out to be.

Keep up with your payments

Obvious, right? But it would surprise you how many people forget to keep up with every payment, which can lead to inconvenient implications depending on the terms and conditions offered by the lender.

If you have the opportunity to automatize every single payment, go with it, it will make your life easier. Just make sure you have the money in your account every month to avoid unpleasant surprises.


Is it possible to successfully manage our finances? The definitive answer is yes. Of course, a good strategy and the discipline to follow every single step is needed in order to avoid unexpected situations.

One of the most important lessons we should learn at school is financial management and, although this is not actually taught, we have no excuse not to look for advice in order to handle our economic life in a wiser manner, since there are tons of financial platforms that can help us in that regard.

Just to summarize, the most important thing to keep in mind to manage our loans and debts are: budget and, if possible, the cut of unnecessary spendings; put all our financial responsabilities in the table and organize how we can pay every single one effectively; go only with what is needed in terms of loans; saving whatever bit you can just to have a potential lifesaver fund and keep up with every payment to avoid possible sanctions stablished by the lender in the terms and conditions agreement.

Although it may look difficult to keep up with every single point, be sure that your financial life will be much better if you try applying these simple steps.

Mitos y realidades acerca del skincare: PARTE II

viernes, junio 17, 2022
En el tema del cuidado de la piel, podemos escuchar o leer de forma frecuente miles de consejos, provenientes tanto de dermatólogos certificados como de marcas que solo buscan vender e influencers que comparten todo lo que encuentran.

En este post, te compartiré algunos mitos y realidades acerca del skincare que te ayudarán a no malgastar tiempo y dinero.

Para leer la primera parte, haz clic aquí.

Mitos y realidades acerca del skincare: PARTE II

Tomar abundante agua hidrata tu piel

Hace algunos años se hizo famoso consumir de 3 o 4 litros de agua al día, ya sea por la dieta del momento como para ayudar a las personas que tuviesen la piel seca o deshidratada. No obstante, aunque el tomar agua tiene múltiples beneficios para la salud y permiten el correcto funcionamiento de nuestros riñones y el organismo en general, no hay estudios que confirmen que consumir muchísima agua al día tenga un efecto en nuestra piel.

Por supuesto, si llegamos a un nivel de deshidratación muy severo, de seguro la piel lo notará y se comenzará a ver más arrugada, deshidratada, opaca y poco elástica, por el efecto que tiene en todo el cuerpo y los órganos que lo conforman.

Mantener un correcto grado de hidratación es fundamental para estar saludables y que esto se exprese en la piel. No obstante, si necesitamos hidratar la piel, lo mejor es incorporar en nuestras rutinas de skincare un gel, crema, serums de ácido hialurónico, etcétera.

Cosmética natural

Uno de los mitos más grandes que existen relacionados con el cuidado de la piel, es que los productos elaborados en un laboratorio son malos, peligrosos, dañinos o menos seguros que los productos naturales. Entendiéndose por naturales aquellos alimentos crudos aplicados sobre la piel hasta productos de skincare que contienen ingredientes no procesados.

Si bien es cierto que hay ingredientes naturales antioxidantes, con vitaminas y múltiples beneficios, también existen muchos otros que pueden resultar irritantes, muy agresivos y peligrosos para nuestra salud.

El uso de un principio activo o cualquier ingrediente en un producto, debe basarse en la evidencia científica, estudios y testeos en grupos de personas, por lo que si estos no se hacen, la marca que los promociona solo estaría vendiendo promesas.

Además, hay que tener mucho cuidado con ese tipo de producto y/o ingrediente, ya que en el mejor de los casos podrán no generar ningún resultado, pero también podrían generar efectos adversos en la piel.

Mitos y realidades acerca del skincare
Demonización de las siliconas

En los últimos años, muchos sitios de internet han buscado desprestigiar el uso de las siliconas en productos cosméticos, aseverando que estas son malas, dañan la piel, tapan los poros, empeoran cuadros de acné y causan irritación o deshidratación. Esto puede ser debido a la fobia por productos y/o ingredientes no naturales u orgánicos.

Según estudios científicos, podemos definir a las siliconas como polímeros insolubles en agua utilizadas en la formulación de cosméticos para la piel gracias a su capacidad de mejorar el grado de hidratación, reteniendo y disminuyendo la pérdida del agua trans-epidérmica, actuando como oclusivos.

Las siliconas no son irritantes, no son comedogénicas y por lo tanto, no tapan los poros causando acné. Además, podemos decir que los hidratantes con silicona, son menos oclusivos que aquellos que las sustituyen con aceites o productos derivados del petróleo, ya que, una vez aplicadas sobre la piel forman una capa sobre la superficie de la misma que permite retener agua y mantenerla hidratada.

Los productos con siliconas son excelentes para combatir pieles deshidratadas y suelen ser mucho más cómodos para las personas con piel grasa que no les guste el acabado pesado o pastoso que otras hidratantes puedan dar. Ya que, proporcionan un acabado aterciopelado, suave al tacto, no se corren tan fácilmente ni se pierden con la transpiración o al tocarnos la cara.

Mini refrigeradores de skincare

Con las nuevas marcas y las diversas promociones de productos para el cuidado de la piel, los mini refrigeradores también se pusieron de moda. Sosteniendo que con estos, podríamos tener un mejor almacenamiento.

La verdad es que, no hay necesidad de refrigerar ningún producto a menos que el laboratorio o marca lo especifique entre sus indicaciones. Pero, por lo general, estos están debidamente formulados para funcionar correctamente dentro de un determinado rango de temperatura, que sería aquella que encontramos a lo largo del año: temperatura ambiente.

Si es cierto que las altas temperaturas, dejar los productos bajo el sol o en ambientes muy húmedos, no es la mejor opción para mantener los principios activos que estos contienen. Por lo que, también debemos leer en las indicaciones si las bajas temperaturas podrían crear algún cambio o efecto adverso en ellos.

La piel se acostumbra a las rutinas de skincare

En instagram podemos ver a las influencers de belleza usando un producto tras otro, variando sus rutinas y comentando que lo hacen porque la piel se acostumbra a los productos y por eso hay que ir cambiándolos para ver resultados a lo largo del tiempo. Spoiler alert: Solo hacen publicidad.

La verdad es que las células que constituyen la epidermis cambian cada 28-30 días, por lo que todos los meses tenemos células nuevas que no entran en contacto con los productos de nuestra rutina de skincare diurna y/o nocturna.

La piel es sometida constantemente a todo tipo de agresiones, ya sea por climas extremos, radiación, contaminación u otro ingrediente activo nuevo, afectando así su correcto funcionamiento y su aspecto.

La utilización sostenida a lo largo del tiempo de diferentes principios activos o productos que sean indicados para nuestro tipo de piel, será beneficioso para contrarrestar dichas alteraciones. Aunque podemos sentir que estos han dejado de funcionar por el simple hecho de que hemos visto su acción de forma progresiva y no observamos ningún cambio.

Mitos y realidades acerca del skincare
Si bien es cierto que podemos tener nuevos requerimientos en nuestra piel que pueden ser solventados con otros ingredientes activos, entonces en ese caso sí sería útil agregar nuevos productos a nuestra rutina.

Los tónicos

Existen 2 tipos de tónicos: los que son utilizados en pieles con necesidades específicas y que tienen un objetivo más médico (controlar oleosidad, mejorar el acné…), y aquellos con un objetivo más cosmético que solo regulan el pH de la piel.

Mientras que el primer grupo es un paso fundamental y recetado por dermatólogos, el segundo podría no tener ningún efecto y podrían contrarrestar la hidratación de la piel que aportan ciertos limpiadores.

Eso sí, si deseas utilizar ácido hialurónico en tu rutina, es ideal tener humedecido el rostro con o sin tónico para que este pueda ejercer correctamente su función. Pero si buscas recortar tu rutina y ahorrarte algún dinerito, entonces podrías dejar el tónico por fuera.

Cuéntenme en los comentarios ¿Habían leído o escuchado alguna de las cosas que mencioné en este post?

The Perfect Summer Top That Will Go With All Your Shorts

martes, junio 14, 2022

With summer fast approaching, now is the time to dig out your shorts and invest in a few new pairs.

To help you to the most of your summer wardrobe, there are always a few key staples that are essential to any wardrobe. Having various tops from wholesale clothing websites will give you multiple fashion outfit options without the need for your wardrobe to overflow or for you to break the bank.

Here we have compiled a list of wardrobe must-own tops that will keep you fashionable and comfortable the whole summer from our favourite wholesale clothing vendors.

The Perfect Summer Top That Will Go With All Your Shorts

Oversized Cotton Or Linen Shirt.

A white or light-coloured oversized shirt is a wardrobe must.

It is one of the most versatile items you will add to your wardrobe. With so many different ways to style, they work with denim shorts, cycle shorts or other cotton options.

The luxury of this item is that it can be worn on its own or over a cami top as a light coverall.

With long sleeves, it not only looks great, but it offers protection from the midday sun without you overheating.

For your cycle, shorts can be worn open or buttoned up. Alternatively, you can make a choice to tuck it in with your jeans, paired with chunky jewellery and pumps. This outfit is timelessly classic and chic.

A Plain Cami

There is a reason these never go out of fashion. It truly is one of the most versatile items that you will own.

Not only compatible with all outfits, but it is also lightweight, stretchy, soft and embodies all of the qualities that each summer wardrobe needs.

Tucked into your shorts, it can be used to showcase your waist or left over the waistband of your shorts, and it can work to elongate your body, making it ideal for all body shapes.

The Perfect Summer Top That Will Go With All Your Shorts

Crop Top

With so many shorts being high-waisted, the crop top has made it back into our wardrobe fave items.

Available in so many styles, there is an option to suit everyone.

This summer, the oversized crop top is showing to become a popular choice. The oversized and baggy fit makes it ideal for those tight-fitting shorts, like your cycle shorts or hot pants. The loose nature of this item works to make girls of all body shapes or sizes confident and on-trend.

Whilst also looking fab with all other shorts. It offers a dressed-down style that can be paired with pumps and sunglasses, or with a pair of wedges and a blazer can be dressed up, taking you from day-time casual to a girl on the town.

A Plain White T-Shirt

Nothing showcases your summer glow more than a plain white t-shirt.

With the ability to be dressed up or down. This is an item that deserves a spot in all wardrobes.

Tucked in or left loose, it can be paired with all shorts from linen, denim or tight-fitting shorts.

Heals, wedges or pumps, baseball caps or straw sun hats, this essential tee goes with it all!


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