5 tips you should consider before traveling this fall 2021

martes, septiembre 14, 2021

The fall is finally coming and, this is a time of the year so many people that love to travel inside the country awaits with excitement, mostly, because of the beautiful landscapes and the foliage display that we can find all across the states.

When planning for vacations, it is very important to be sure all the details are hundred percent covered for an unforgettable (in the good way) experience. Sadly, it is precisely in the details where we get stressed the most since there’s too much to cover and it is easy to pass something unnoticed. But worry not, because I can guarantee you a stress free vacation with these 5 tips you should consider before traveling this fall 2021.

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Trace your destination map

This has to be the first thing you do. It would be nice to check the best places where the fall season has more to offer so you and your loved ones can rest, enjoy and, of course, take the best pictures.

My recomendations for this fall are Yellowstone for the gorgeous landscapes; Napa Valley in case you want to make it a wine/food vacation; Sedona/Grand Canyon would be a nice destination to admire the beauty of these geological wonders or maybe Telluride, in Colorado, for a great hiking adventure and the Telluride Horror Show Festival.

Check your engine

No, this is not Sheldon Cooper being annoying to you, but this is really important, specially if you plan on traveling by road with the family vehicle. Make sure you take all the cautions so your car holds the whole travel without giving any trouble.

I highly recommend to give it a complete fall car care so you don’t have to worry at all about it, but also consider having a car reparing and maintenance service able to get to your location so you don’t have to struggle while travelling.

In order to avoid being at the side of the road for hours make sure you can count on a good car repair service for a nice vacational tour. Try finding some useful tips for early preparations.

Plan some activities ahead

Once you decide the location/s you want to visit, the next step should be planning few activities ahead to squeeze all the juice out of your vacations. Sometimes we travel without anything in mind and once we arrive to our ideal place, we get stuck since there’s no plan.

Try checking online for the best activities you can do at your destination and prepare to participate in at least two or three, that way you'll have something in mind once you get there. But also, try to be open minded to do something completely unplanned and shake things a little bit.

Look for a nice place to stay

Normally when traveling, we tend to go with the 'hotel option' and, although there’s nothing wrong with it, would be nice to change a little bit and try renting a villa for the whole family so you can feel in total comfort. If you prefer the beach and travel to San Diego, for example, a resort might be the best option for you and your loved ones.

There’s no rule when picking where you will stay, but if you use to do the same every vacation, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to change things a little bit and try something new.

Enjoy every single moment of it

Going on vacation either alone, with friends, with your soulmate or in family should be a time for sharing and enjoying your time together. The current situation we are living in is quite rough, but this times can help us appreciate more those around us and care for them dearly.

If you work in all the details carefully and take all the preacautions needed, you should be able to spend a fall vacation and enjoy every moment of it with all your loved ones and create unforgettable memories with them.

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Reasons why you should consolidate your debt

viernes, septiembre 10, 2021

Saving money for the future is one of our goals once a new year starts because that way we can pay for good vacations, our studies, to get a place of our own in the future or, just simply, if something unexpected turn up.

But even if we want to save every penny we can, one thing is to think and even plan about it and another totally different is to actually doing it, and the reason is simple: debts.

It is impossible to save if we are already in debt, specially because of those interest rates that drain our accounts and our good mood. Luckily, there are possible solutions for us so in this post, I will offer a few reasons why you should consolidate your debt.

Reasons why you should consolidate your debt


Imagine doing one single payment and to be free for a while, sounds nice, right? This is one of the best reasons I can offer you since, even if you are very careful, it is possible to miss a payment (if that had happened to you already, you know that’s no joke at all) and, because of this, sometimes special penalties and fees are imposed.

To get rid of the chance of missing one single payment, the best you can do is to opt for a debt consolidation loan. These can include your credit cards in case you like to adquire goods or services that can be paid by credit, medical bills, taxes or student loans. You can learn more about it by checking the real experts in the matter.


By taking a personal consolidation loan it is possible to increase significantly your credit score in no time since you are reducing your credit utilization ratio which helps, specially, in your long-term gains and interest savings.


If you have been in the shoes of a borrower before, you know how it is. The intern conflict and preocupations do not stop until you are done with the debt. But, realistically speaking, being completely out of debt is virtually impossible since we live in a system based on debt (taxes, credits, etc) but, having control over them is whole different song.

The simple fact of paying in little time and being aware that all your payments have been done, can release you from a lot of tension. Although it may sound exagerating, a lot people have had hypertesive crisis just by giving a look into their credit card bills so, avoid a situation like this by consolidating your debt and by not falling in love with too many shoes.


Sometimes, interest rates can take more from us than the credit itself,  that is why, as I stated before, having a debt consolidation loan will improve significantly your score and this will translate into a single and lower interest rate to your credit, so if you are considering to save some money, this will be a nice way to achieve it.

Managing debt on your own can be a hard and stressful task so, it is okay to look for help. My final recommendation is to study your financial situation and, if it’s possible for you, to take advantage of the consolidation debt loans to reduce your payments and liberate yourself of the pression to, finally, be able to save some money for whenever it’s needed.

How do you deal your all your payments? Is there any secret you would like to share in the comments? See you in the next post.

Cómo he logrado romper con el bloqueo creativo

martes, agosto 31, 2021

Muchas veces cuando trabajo en la redacción de artículos o contenido para mis plataformas, llegan momentos en los que sencillamente ninguna idea sale de mi cabeza. Puedo estar frente al ordenador durante largos periodos de tiempo y no escribir una palabra ni producir una sola pizca de contenido.

Al principio, no tenia ni idea de cómo lidiar con este problema así que, en lugar de preocuparme, decidí relajarme realizando cierto tipo de actividades y descubrí que estas eran la solución que buscaba. Por ello, me gustaría compartir contigo en este post cómo he logrado romper con el bloqueo creativo.

Cómo he logrado romper con el bloqueo creativo

Juegos a la antigua

Adoro recordar los tiempos donde tenía que perseguir a mis primos en el juego de "La Ere" o encontrarlos en las escondidas, pero no son de estos juegos a la antigua de los que hablo. Sino de aquellos que no nos dejaban salirnos de la sesión hasta tener la última partida ganada: los juegos de solitario.

Juegos para romper el bloqueo creativo
Cuando no avanzo en un artículo o no me vienen ideas a la cabeza para traer contenido, vuelvo a los juegos de solitario. ¿Alguno en especial? Me encanta resolver las parejas del Mahjong Solitaire, pero otras veces me decanto por el clásico o del estilo Spider.

Jugar una partida o dos, me permiten dejar de pensar por algunos minutos en el trabajo y concentrarme en ganarle a "la computadora". Luego, vuelvo a mi tarea pendiente y descargo una lluvia de ideas frescas para volver al ruedo.

Este es el tipo de juegos que me encantan personalmente, pero en la página plays.org podrás encontrar mil y un opciones con videojuegos clásicos, de deportes, arcade, simulación, estrategia y más. La idea es encontrar alguno que te desconecte por un período corto de tiempo para luego poder seguir con tu trabajo creativo con una mente mucho más despejada.


Me encanta escuchar música cuando empiezo a crear, siento que los sentimientos transmitidos en las canciones puedo llevarlo a mi trabajo e incluso puede inspirarme mucho más. Pero, al tener un bloqueo, las cosas cambian.

En ese punto, cierro todas las ventanas de mi trabajo en el ordenador, busco mi artista o canción favorita y empiezo a cantar (cosa que valoro al trabajar desde casa). Esto lo hago de igual forma por 15-20 minutos e incluso veo algún vídeo musical que esté en tendencia.

Al volver al trabajo, vuelvo con mi lista de reproducción tradicional y, si aún así no funciona, las listas de reproducción relajantes que hay en youtube son una buena alternativa.


Actividades para romper el bloqueo creativo
Desde hace algunos años me he vuelvo una lectora de novelas de fantasía, donde los elfos, hechiceros o alguna criatura fantástica sea parte de los personajes principales. Aunque, el romanticismo también es algo que me encanta en un buen libro.

Cuando ninguna idea sale de mi cabeza o me siento cansada de trabajar cuando aún quedan muchas horas por delante, abro mi Play Books o tomo la novela que este leyendo al momento y leo de 2-3 capítulos y no más.  

Tiempo de Relax

Cuando todas estas actividades no funcionan y ya estar por finalizar el día de trabajo, sencillamente me relajo. Busco una buena película para ver con mi esposo, hago algunas palomitas de maíz o busco alguna receta para experimentar en la cocina y degustar una rica cena.

Si esto pasa un viernes y no tengo trabajo pendiente para el fin de semana, entonces ideo algún plan para visitar a mi familia, respirar aire fresco o desconectar totalmente hasta que tenga que volver con mis pendientes.

La idea es siempre organizarte, buscar lo que funciona e incluso identificar por qué tienes un bloqueo creativo, ya que no todos tienden a ser por falta de ideas.

¿Algunas de estas actividades te funcionan? Cuéntame tus experiencias tratando de romper con el bloqueo creativo en los comentarios.

Nos vemos en el próximo post.

5 Tips to follow if looking for your ideal apartment in New York

sábado, julio 31, 2021
Moving can be a really stressful task, specially the first time and, like most people, you don't seem to know where to start with activities you are not familiar with. Luckily, the "big secret" for searching out apartments that meet your expectations, is actually having a solid plan. It doesn't have to be complicated so, I guarantee you a good moving experience if you follow these 5 simple tips for finding your ideal apartment in New York.

5 Tips to follow if looking for your ideal apartment in New York

Consider the essentials first

This should be your main task before even thinking about apartment hunting, since having a solid budget will grant you picking the apartment you want without having to spend money you don't have. Look for neighborhoods with affordable rents. To help you getting good options without too much looking you should have already in mind how big of a space you will need. Apartments in NY tend to be small, but if you want something above the average the cost may singnificantly rise.

Last but not least, you need to be sure all your documents are in perfect order. Imagine finding the ideal apartment and then lose it just because you weren't prepared. Since NY has high demand on apartments, specially during Spring and Summer seasons, that kind of disaster is very possible so, keep those 2 years of pay stubs, a landlord letter and your 2 last months of bank statements ready (these are just some of the papers you will need so, be sure to have every single one in order) in case you get lucky and need to close the deal.

Hunt for apartments like a Pro

If you go on the hunt for your ideal apartment you should optimize time and effort. To do that, it's highly recommended to use an apartment seach tool to find apartments in NY, so you get more and better options since going on foot by yourself will take time and, most likely, will cover only 3 or 4 options a day, remember this is a huge city, while you can examine tens of apartments for rent just by doing few clicks. It's not a secret that for most comercial areas we can simply go on the internet, type it and find basically whatever we are looking for, and since getting a place of your own is a very important labor, the more you cover, the better.

Have your apartment style in mind

Moving successfully to a city like New York is all of an achievement but, if you do, the best way to do it is getting exactly what you wanted in the first place to make your stay comfortable from the very begining, so having an idea of the style you are looking for is crucial. While doing your searching, make sure you carefully look at all the pictures for the candidate apartments in terms of structure and architecture (post-modern, Art Deco, Deconstructivsm, etc) that way you will invest your time getting your dreams apartment.

I also recommend checking if the place you idealize offers you a pet-friendly building, in case you already have or consider having one after moving, how old and functional the elevators are, specially if you find a high floor apartment, if it has enough natural light, which is very important so you don't feel like living inside a box, the list can go on. The important thing is to feel comfortable with all the elements your new apartment has to offer.

Prepare little "expeditions" to know your potential new neighborhood

Once your apartment finding ends you should consider to prepare 2 or 3 trips as recognition mission just to know how is the new neighborhood, how safe it is, how close is it to conventional stores, subway stations, etc. You could, also, make few questions around your new building to get some feedback from neighbours and people that frequents the area. It may look like a little too much, but since you are just trying to know a completely new area for you, getting as much information as you can won't hurt you.

Have as many boxes as you can

So you finally found your perfect apartment, you already have all your documents in perfect order, the price is on point but, you don't have boxes to start packing. At this point Murphy's law comes in action, you go out to get a few boxes in stores but they are out of it, so panic begins. Just to prevent you a headache, make sure you have as many boxes as possible. Start gathering a few every day once your apartment hunting starts to have enough whenever the searching ends, it doesn't matter if some are too big and others too small, you will find a use for every single one.

There are plenty of websites that offer the ultimate tips and tricks for moving out, so try checking as much as you can, just in case.

Por qué deberías aspirar por un hogar propio

martes, julio 20, 2021
Tener un trabajo que otorgue todo el dinero posible para costear viajes, escapadas de fines de semana, gustos, hobbies y demás, son las aspiraciones que tienen los jóvenes actualmente. Pero, ¿por qué deberías aspirar por un hogar propio? En este post te contaré sus beneficios.

Por qué deberías aspirar por un hogar propio

Con el pasar del tiempo y el nacimiento de nuevas generaciones, hemos visto como las aspiraciones han cambiado. Mientras que nuestras abuelas y mamás buscaban tener un trabajo, casarse, tener un hogar donde poder criar a sus hijos y verlos crecer, hoy en día un gran porcentaje de la generación Z y millennials buscan viajar por todo el mundo, conocer la mayor cantidad de gente posible y dejar la estabilidad o familia para el final de los 30.

Que ¡oyé!, no me parece nada mal. Todos podemos vivir nuestra vida según nos plazca, según nuestras aficiones, gustos y metas. No obstante, si la mayoría pensara en conseguir un sitio a donde llegar cada vez que sale de aventuras, es el hogar. Ese lugar que nos ofrece:


Invertir en un espacio propio te brindará seguridad y protección tanto física, emocional como económica. Y es que, llegarás a este sitio cada día después de tu rutina o de cada viaje, que sabes que te pertenece, por el cuál pusiste empeño por tenerlo y le otorgas amor con cada mueble o adorno que compras. 


Para algunos resulta difícil realizar una inversión mensual o anual para tener una vivienda propia, pero hay calculadoras de pagos mensuales o de ingreso mínimo que pueden hacerte el trabajo fácil y optar por aquella que se adapte a tu presupuesto.

Invertir en un hogar hoy no significa amarrarte a ella para toda la vida, ¡Todo lo contrario! Piénsalo como una inversión a largo plazo, que podrás remodelar a tu gusto e incluso vender para conseguir una casa o apartamento mejor en un futuro cercano.

Libertad y espacio propio

Una de las cosas que amo de tener un lugar propio, es la libertad de decorarlo y darle la vida que quiero junto a mi esposo. Mover los muebles cada cierto tiempo para mejorar el ambiente del hogar según la estación o estado de humor, añadir fotografías y realizar reformas sin tener que preguntarle o pedirle permiso a un tercero.

Otra de las ventajas, es que puedes organizar los espacios según te plazca. Mientras no tengas hijos, puedes convertir un cuarto o un lugar en específico de tu casa en gimnasio, oficina o salón de arte donde puedas expresarte pintando o realizando la actividad que prefieras. ¿Lo mejor? Hasta podrás tener una mascota sin la intriga de que el casero te diga un NO rotundo en el contrato de alquiler, porque tú serás quien lo decida. 

Historial crediticio

Quizás muchos no piensen en este punto, pero al hipotecar o pedir préstamos para el financiamiento del hogar y pagar todo acorde al contrato, te permitirá tener una buena reputación ante el banco y otras instituciones financieras, con lo cuál podrás tener un apoyo para otros negocios o inversiones a futuro.

Esta importante carta de presentación, hará que otros confíen en ti y puedan apostar por invertir en tus proyectos o emprendimientos que tengas en mente. Con lo cual, al obtener el resultado esperado podrás optar por un hogar mejor a futuro o darte el lujo de viajar con amigos, tener unas merecidas vacaciones a sitios soñados, tener el carro de tu sueños o sencillamente, tener una tranquila jubilación.

Ambiente familiar

Al pensar en un futuro, ya sea que decidas casarte, tener hijos o vivir con tus 2 perritos, tendrás un lugar donde disfrutar de tu vejez con tranquilidad y con un ambiente que te guste. Sin necesidad de ir de allá para acá, pagar alquileres o la intriga de que luego que se termine el contrato, puedan echarte de allí.

El tener un hogar propio, te permitirá cultivar el amor en un lugar que te lo retribuirá, te protegerá, dará seguridad, privacidad y donde podrás incluso vivir los mejores momentos de tu vida y aquellas festividades que te dan tanta alegría.

¿Y tú? ¿Ya has pensado en invertir en un hogar propio? Cuéntame en los comentarios qué otro beneficio crees que te daría tener una casa a tu nombre.


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