In the sales business, being attentive and thankful with a potential buyer is crucial to stablish a nice relation and, of course, a sale. It is really important to be kind and sincere to make feel the client even more confident and interested than before walking into your doors.

This interest can be considerably boosted if you make use of thank you letters. These ones are especially effective when selling cars since this is a person-to-person transaction in a world where digital purchases are almost the norm, so by making use of handwritten letters, either of appreciation or promotional, the client will feel cared for and also, it will tell how much you care about a warm and personal treatment.

If you are a cars salesman, car sales thank you cards should be one of your top priorities to make an important connection with potential clients and make sure to repeat business with already stablished ones. That way, you can get recommended to other people by your own customers and increase your sales chances.

Car purchase thank you letters and why you should use them


Buying a car is not like your common amazon/eBay transaction, it requires a very personal and close business relationship in order to make feel confident and interested your potential buyer and, since we live in times where digital transactions are taking over most markets, the use of handwritten thank you letters will strengthen your business interactions.

It is very easy to send the same old e-mail to hundreds of clients but it won’t make them feel cared for, a sentiment you should definitely need to work on if you are a salesman. Personalized appreciation notes will send to your recipient a very personal: “you are important to us” message.


When engaging a new costumer or a returning one, a written letter should be offered. It is very important to make them feel welcomed even if they don’t buy a car. We need to provide a thoughtful and warm service to let the door open for a new visit and a potential sale.


When finishing a sale, there should be a few points to cover on your car purchase thank letter to show gratitude and appreciation for you client and, in simple but very personal words, invite them to come again whenever they need:

· Make a concise but sincere letter: to be thankful you don’t need to write a manifest; you just need to be sincere and professional. Show in the letter that you were taking note of all the client needs and concerns about the car they wanted and wish them the best with their new acquisition. These small but thoughtful gestures can make a huge difference and stablish a longer seller-buyer relationship.

· Be grateful and informal: gratitude makes relationships better, no doubt about that, but sometimes corporative messages make sort of a wall between the parts involved. Impersonal but courteous messages help to keep a professional, respectful and friendly environment. Using the costumer’s real name and recounting the whole business experience will show that you actually remember and dedicate time and effort to each sale and costumer you work with.