Among all the big cities around the world, New York stands as one of the most desirable places to live in, and for many reasons.

Although the city is portrayed for some as a high pace and hectic place, people around the globe consider it as their dream city.

So much, that they are willing to take the cons living in NY can bring, just to grab all the pros this metropolis has to offer.

We are going to break down the 5 top reasons to live in New York, keep reading, you may have found your ideal place in the world.

But before going to directly to the point of this post, I consider proper to add something important regarding moving to NY: the competition to find an apartment is intense! So, I recommend you to contact with New York Real Estate Agents as soon as you can to prepare the way, so the experience of moving doesn’t tire you up before even getting into the city.

That being said, let’s begin!

5 Reasons to live in New York

New York is the land of opportunities

New York is one of the best places to seek for professional growth opportunities.

Career wise, there’s no place like this since the biggest names in terms of fashion, technology, marketing, sports, music/theater, journalism and many more, are well settled here.

If on the other hand, you are looking for any job available just to start your journey with a secured income, you should be willing to work some extra hours in order to keep your job.

New York is a city that doesn’t sleep so work is available if you look, but competition is not absent, keeping your job will demand extra effort.

Highly cultural place

One of the big wins you’ll notice while being in NY, is that you will always have something to do with your spare time.

This city is home of over 100 museums, more than 100 national monuments and around 40 Broadway theaters. But you can also find the little Italy, China Town and tons of iconic places.

Once you think you know all about the city, a new spot pops up to surprise you.

New York is also among the most diverse cities in the world.

I mean, literally, it’s 1st in the top ten metropolitan areas by total foreign-population and only 8th in the top ten major cities by percentage of foreign-born residents behind Los Angeles, according to so, if you are looking for places to meet people from all over the world, NY is the best place to meet your expectations.

Incredible food

One of the main things you will love about NY is definitely the food.

Having a total of 73 Michelin starred restaurants, the best flavors of the world will be at your disposal.

But that’s not all, being a diverse city, you will find every kind of food to satisfy your cravings for incredibly cheap prices.

The best? It doesn’t matter the hour or the day, if you are craving for something, you will be able to get it.

A car won’t be necessary

One aspect of New York you will love is how efficient the transportation system is.

First you have the subway, it’s fast and cheap, that simple. Have its flaws but definitely a lifesaver if you compare the tedium of having a car in this metropolis: gas prices, vehicle insurance and the unicorn of NY: a parking spot.

Second, the bus system, it’s not perfect, but efficient if you go out with some time ahead in order to avoid sudden inconveniences, but overall, you won’t have any problem to get to your destination on time.

Last not least, cabs, cabs and more cabs. Being in a NY cab is in itself a reason millions of people visit the city, believe it or not! Cabs are not ideal if you want to go the cheap way in terms of transportation, but if you ever need one, just extend your hand and voilà.

Green areas are not absent

Living in such a city would be unbearable without green areas to relax for a bit.

Luckily, there’s a tiny list of 1700 parks for you to get in contact with a piece of nature in the middle of a juggernaut like NY.

This demonstrates how well balanced the city is in terms of urban and natural areas.

But of course, Central Park is the jewel of the crown, with 850 acres of land to forget you are in the city.

New York is definitely a city worth visiting and even more worth living.

Of course, my biggest piece of advice, especially if you are looking to move, is to plan ahead and try to be in contact with a Commercial Real Estate Professional in order to prepare your way into the city in the most comfortable way.