The fall is finally coming and, this is a time of the year so many people that love to travel inside the country awaits with excitement, mostly, because of the beautiful landscapes and the foliage display that we can find all across the states.

When planning for vacations, it is very important to be sure all the details are hundred percent covered for an unforgettable (in the good way) experience. Sadly, it is precisely in the details where we get stressed the most since there’s too much to cover and it is easy to pass something unnoticed. But worry not, because I can guarantee you a stress free vacation with these 5 tips you should consider before traveling this fall 2021.

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Trace your destination map

This has to be the first thing you do. It would be nice to check the best places where the fall season has more to offer so you and your loved ones can rest, enjoy and, of course, take the best pictures.

My recomendations for this fall are Yellowstone for the gorgeous landscapes; Napa Valley in case you want to make it a wine/food vacation; Sedona/Grand Canyon would be a nice destination to admire the beauty of these geological wonders or maybe Telluride, in Colorado, for a great hiking adventure and the Telluride Horror Show Festival.

Check your engine

No, this is not Sheldon Cooper being annoying to you, but this is really important, specially if you plan on traveling by road with the family vehicle. Make sure you take all the cautions so your car holds the whole travel without giving any trouble.

I highly recommend to give it a complete fall car care so you don’t have to worry at all about it, but also consider having a car reparing and maintenance service able to get to your location so you don’t have to struggle while travelling.

In order to avoid being at the side of the road for hours make sure you can count on a good car repair service for a nice vacational tour. Try finding some useful tips for early preparations.

Plan some activities ahead

Once you decide the location/s you want to visit, the next step should be planning few activities ahead to squeeze all the juice out of your vacations. Sometimes we travel without anything in mind and once we arrive to our ideal place, we get stuck since there’s no plan.

Try checking online for the best activities you can do at your destination and prepare to participate in at least two or three, that way you'll have something in mind once you get there. But also, try to be open minded to do something completely unplanned and shake things a little bit.

Look for a nice place to stay

Normally when traveling, we tend to go with the 'hotel option' and, although there’s nothing wrong with it, would be nice to change a little bit and try renting a villa for the whole family so you can feel in total comfort. If you prefer the beach and travel to San Diego, for example, a resort might be the best option for you and your loved ones.

There’s no rule when picking where you will stay, but if you use to do the same every vacation, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to change things a little bit and try something new.

Enjoy every single moment of it

Going on vacation either alone, with friends, with your soulmate or in family should be a time for sharing and enjoying your time together. The current situation we are living in is quite rough, but this times can help us appreciate more those around us and care for them dearly.

If you work in all the details carefully and take all the preacautions needed, you should be able to spend a fall vacation and enjoy every moment of it with all your loved ones and create unforgettable memories with them.

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