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The graduation, but more specially, the Homecoming party are those ocassions when we are particularly nervous, but at the same time, we get really excited. Choosing the right dress is one of the most important elements to take in consideration, so to help you take this great decision, I made a selection of my favorites Homecoming dresses under 100.


The color blue, either light or dark, looks beautiful to me, but also elegant and perfect to stand out in that special moment.

You can find tons of dresses with this tones by following the link https://www.sassymyprom.com/collections/homecoming-dresses, although these two became my very favorite, mainly because of the delicate and transparent touch.
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Black dresses make us look very formal, stilyze our figure and are very basic in the closet, so we can use them several times and still look different, by using every type of accesories and shoes, specially heels. My favorite? Those with that touch of lace or little shiny stones to look very distinguish among the rest.

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The color red it's a color that simbolyze confidence, power and passion. And it's also one of the very favorites of the season and the street style.

If you decide to use Red Homecoming Dresses, let your clothes be protagonist by using a make up very natural and wearing sandals and simple accesories.
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Millennial Pink

Of couse, I could'nt let aside the color that made fall in love all those trend lovers without being the Greenery (The color of the year according to Pantone). The millenial pink (also called Tumblr pink, after the social network) invaded our closets, the street style and whole world of beauty. Being a color pink that does not recognize genders and brings a lot of tones without losing it's neutral and androgynous feature.

If you want to know a little bit more about this trend, I invite you to check my post Millennial Pink.

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So, what's your favorite dress girls? Do not skip any detail.

See you in the next post!
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